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We offer project management and business analyst


Project management

A Project Plan sets out the phases, activities and tasks needed to deliver a project. The timeframes required to deliver the project, along with the resources and milestones are also shown in the Project Plan. Using this Project Plan Template, you can quickly and easily create a comprehensive Project Management Plan for your project, as it already lists the commonly used tasks needed to complete projects from start to finish.


Business analyst

The need for improved and more reliable information transfer calls for Software Business Analyst professionals who can effectively bridge the knowledge and language gap between the business and IT communities. Certification is recommended as a means to define the Common Body of Knowledge for the practice of business analyzation, and evaluate an individuals ability to apply that knowledge to practice. Acquiring the designation of Certified Associate Business Analyst (CABA) indicates a professional level of competence in the principles and practices associated with the business analyst profession.


Rent a CIO

A unique program offered by DKNQ inc to allow small IT shops to grow and have the vested interest of knowing there is a direction and strong leadership in place when the site is not large enough to have a in-house CIO. We provide budget, capitol expenditures, asset management training,IT mentoring and succession planning for employees that are spread out across multiple small properties.


Schedule management

Managing a projects schedule is a critical success factor that DKNQ Inc. targets through design development criteria, cost-effective procurement and project delivery strategies. Our construction management approach as an owner’s representative is focused on making projects simpler, smarter, faster and more efficient for our clients by developing a clear and concise communication plan to make our summary of project information easy to digest and report.